Thursday, February 9, 2012

You've Been Gone for Eight Years and Five Months

It is November of 1980, and
The Philosopher says that Love
is the child of Plenty and Want.
You’ve been gone for eight years and five months,

but you’re with me wherever I go -
you're with me at Manhattan College;
you're with me in Philosophy 101;
you're with me at the end of the beginning.

I know The Philosopher is right,
and I've known it for almost nine years:
not because I have come so far,
and yet I have so far to go;

not because there is so much to learn,
and I've burned all the midnight oil;
not even because I am Irish,
and our Tribe is a Terrible Beauty:

I know The Philosopher is right, because
you’ve been gone for eight years and five months,
but you’re with me wherever I go:
“J.R.” stands for “Plenty” and “Want”

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