Monday, May 26, 2008


Memorial Day – 2008

Fine words do not ennoble sacrifice:
the opposite is true. The righteous praise
offered to their memory can but raise
their flag of valor up to paradise.
Fine words do not ennoble sacrifice,
but they impart the sense of better days
to soothe our grief. They penetrate the haze
of mourning and of loss: in time, we rise.
Rise we may, because courageous men
and women fell: Our very liberty
to speak and write fine words we owe to them.
Thus, words that sing of their fidelity
are fine indeed, and must be sung again:
in common voice, and grateful harmony.

Words are powerful, but without the gifts of understanding and common cause, they can fall into futility, or blunder into damage. It is wonderfully conducive to humility for those who traffic in words to place their gifts, such as they are, in the service of gratitude. Simply no one - no one - is more deserving of my gratitude - and yours -than those who serve, and who lay down their lives, in our Armed Forces. Today is the day to reflect upon the fact that it has always been so.


Please God, a true and lasting peace soon, and forever after.


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