Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nothing Left (Stay, Thou Art Fair)

If and his brother Yet will only be in town forever:
that's time to fight, but not to plan.
They're barely speaking, but they're playing C-low for my coffers -
Whoever loses will be mad....

But madder still, (I hold my breath...)
and mad as hell,
and mad as death will be the winner
when he finds there's nothing left.
There's nothing left.

Temptation and her sister Pride are giggling in the corner -
delighted they were asked for proof -
and from the lofty perch of just before the service entrance
they're sendinng cocktails to my booth.

Pride wins the toss. I see her rise,
but when she looks into my eyes,
she tells her sister, "Never mind, there's nothing left.
There's nothing left.

The Dowager of Ipanema;
The Mutt and Jeff of Emphysema:
Fold me in half, then fold me into quarters:
Stay, thou art fair
and locked within my borders.
The Sisters' Wrath, the Brothers' Envy,
The God of All Things Elementary:
I've seen your worst - I'm glad you're feeling better.
Stay, thou art fair:
Amazed we're still together........

Safe Harbor's wicked cousin Storm has come into my dreams,
and she is driving me insane.
Compassion's dimwit uncle Pity fills my purse with adverbs,
and wonders why I curse his name.
Safe Harbor lives in blissful dark.
Compassion sleeps in Central Park,
and groans, "You're absolutely right: there's nothing left.
There's nothing left.

Atonal instruments in sinc:
we sound much better than you'd think.
I hear your strains as I strain in the silence:
Stay, Thou art fair
and never one for violence.
Misled, misunderstood Miss Crabtree:
you've had the best - why do you want me?
Yet here you are, my friend in this foul weather.
Stay thou art fair:
amazed we're still together........

and Necromancers;
all kinds of scars;
all kinds of cancers -
I've seen your what.
I'll live through your whatever.
Stay, thou art fair:
Amazed we're still together.

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