Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Prayer From Two Bleeding Knees

God who alone is patient -
God whose patience endures
The grind of endless longing,
The sting of cold betrayal,
And the trauma of blind violence –
Grant that I will expend
Such forbearance as I may muster
To make this terrible moment about
Anything other than me.

God who alone is focused –
God whose focus endures
While fickle winds level the scaffolds,
Frenzied mobs trample the guardians
And absurdity turns to atrocity –
Grant that I may use a moment
That finds me collected and calm
To listen to what someone says
Instead of just waiting to talk

God who alone is merciful –
God whose mercy endures
Perfidy, larceny, apathy,
corruption, incompetence, arrogance,
vindictiveness, malice, and fraud –
Grant me the liberation
That can only be found in forgiveness:
Grant me the blessing of a memory
That leads to the future of hope.

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