Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pop Culture Romantica / Tanka Tanka Tanka

Pop Culture Romantica (A Double Haiku)

"I would knock Ginger
down to get to Mary Ann."
said The Professor.

"Veronica is
just Betty on a bad day."
retorted Jughead.

Tanka Tanka Tanka

Sing along with Mitch,
you woman-hating barflies.
Sing along with Mitch,
and help him pick a fight with
invisible Ray Conniff.

Sing along with Herb,
you poor Tijuana-be's.
Sing along with Herb:
he's way out of your range, but
he leaves the lyrics to you.

Sing along with Pete,
you vague, quixotic lefties.
Sing along with Pete
as he gently walks the walk -
as he bravely walks the walk.

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