Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Last Night I Dreamt of Nothing

We lose some of our dreams in those first few
seconds of wakefulness: compacted by
the heft of dread, they flatten back into
sub-consciousness; borne on the gust of hope,
they fly out of our grasp, and all over.
Here is a reason to get married : a
spouse will be pressed against you as you come
Awake, whispering into your sleep-creased
Ear, “What did you dream, my Significant
Other, during the too-short night?”

Knows a spouse already knows what you
Ate before bed, and what you brought with you,
in the way of snacks and such, to bed: why not
Tell the one who already knows what you
Processed in your guts, and spilled across
The bed clothes, about the plots and sub plots,
The images cast across the inner
Rim of your skull while your mind pretended to
Rest? Someone who loves you in spite of what
You become as you sleep is both

And able to catch your firefly dreams.
My wife is a little disappointed
This morning – I can always tell ( I am
Always there) when my wife is a little
Disappointed – because I told her that
Last night I dreamt of nothing. Last night I
Dreamt of nothing, and I know it: I did not
Fail to remember a dream - it did not
Slip from my mind’s grip, and head for the tall
Grass to wait. Last night, I dreamt of nothing

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