Thursday, May 26, 2011

City Island, 1983

City Island, 1983

One night, shortly after you ceased
To be amused, long before I realized
That I no longer amused you, I gave
Myself a pompadour with a bottle
Of Michelob. I danced like Elvis
On the slippery deck of The Booze
Cruise. I snarled in your direction -
You were probably pretending
That we were not together - and I
Crooned, “Am I loathsome tonight?
Could you kill me tonight?
Are you sorry we ever hooked up?”
Now, you are always kind to me -
But my knees are damaged forever.


Wine and Words said...

Brilliant. I can't tell you how deeply I get this. Wow! (she bows in humble adoration).

JamieDedes said...

Bravo! Clever and original.

P.S.: Am here from Wine and Words blog ...

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ed pilolla said...

yes, great. the knees image rocks.

Anonymous said...

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