Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pop Culture Romantica and Tanka Tanka Tanka

Pop Culture Romantica (A Double Haiku)

"I would knock Ginger
down to get to Mary Ann."
said The Professor.

"Veronica is
just Betty on a bad day."
retorted Jughead.

Tanka Tanka Tanka

Sing along with Mitch,
you woman-hating barflies.
Sing along with Mitch,
and help him pick a fight with
invisible Ray Conniff.

Sing along with Herb,
you poor Tijuana-be's.
Sing along with Herb:
he's way out of your range, but
he leaves the lyrics to you.

Sing along with Pete,
you vague, quixotic lefties.
Sing along with Pete
as he gently walks the walk -
as he bravely walks the walk.

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