Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fat Man Falls

So! you,
in your pedestrian
in your knowledge
of where
each thing is,
and how
each thing drops,
will stand
behind whatever
is left
of me, and tell
them all
about my options.

You will speak with
about all the things
that anyone
can see from the curb, or
from the comfort
of their lving rooms, and you
will encourage
people to guess if
I saw them too.

"He could have done this," or
"he could have grabbed that",
they will say, in reponse to your
questions - but my fellows
will wobble forward,
nobly, and tell them:
"Gravity did this."

"Gravity is to blame for the conspicuous
absence of Fatty as we have come to
know him, and enjoy him. Gravity,
plain and simple Gravity, is to
blame as a fat man falls, and
falls and falls, and
falls and falls,
and falls."

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