Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Invincible Avenger

The Invincible Avenger cannot bend
or pivot at his several plastic joints:
he has no power in and of himself
to lift, to leap, to pounce, or to transport.

The Invincible Avenger has two eyes,
but they are merely painted on his face:
He cannot see through walls of any kind,
nor has he power to make them melt or burn.

The Invincible Avenger cannot fly
beyond the wherewithal of your brute strength
to hoist him into gravity’s fast laws:
try not to throw him where he can’t be fetched.

The Invincible Avenger does not sense
the machinations of the evildoers:
like any talisman, he simply serves
as conduit of faith, or fantasy.

The Invincible Avenger is now yours:
we trust that the preceding caveats
are all the warranty your little boy
or little girl or inner child requires.

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