Sunday, June 27, 2010

Madame Justice of Southern Westchester on Metro North

She puts on make-up
while the trains shakes so much that
I can’t get to sleep.

She is declaring
that her companion’s boyfriend
is glib and feckless,

(my words for her words)
that only an idiot
would remain with him.

(her words for her words)
Her companion nods, whispers,
I know. I know. I...”

I am astonished
that she puts on cosmetics
without a mirror:

foundation; lipstick;
especially mascara –
don’t you have to look?

But she has moved on
to her companion's parents,
who seem to expect

and her companion's prospects;
greatly diminished

if she continues
to disregard the advice
of Madame Justice.

Now I understand
how madame puts on her face
without a mirror:

How hard can it be
to decorate a face you
never examine?


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