Saturday, February 20, 2010

You Must Never Be Afraid

Nobody wants a pain so bad that somebody else can feel it.
No shoulders could bear a head so heavy as your heart’s regret.
Bind your wounds with care, and your careful bond will heal them:
You must never be afraid.

Root out of your soul every trace of directed hope.
Resist the urge to pay for a peek at the future.
This moment will do.
You must never be afraid.

Both bow and arrow you must be:
window as well as gaping hole in the cabin wall.
If someone had only written all of it down!
We could all misread it together!
Just be glad you have a job.
You must never be afraid.

Even as she goes, she leaves behind the good parts.
Even though she’s not sorry, she did apologize.
She did her best too: so next time you see her-
and it better be by chance! – let her see you:
You must never be afraid.

Mistaken is not forever wrong: misplaced is not forever lost.
This morning you threw your emergency money into the tall grass.
It is evening, and your coins are exactly where you left them.
Go out and gather your silver:
You must never be afraid.

Your world is holy ground – so wide! So long!
Your world is a mosaic of beautiful, virtuous chips.
Chip in, you smooth,weathered stone.
You sad, sagacious tile:
You must never be afraid.

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