Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eight and Twenty Lines for Linda Jean

Alas! For all we know, we’re either born
unflappable and gracious, or inclined
to contrary behaviors. Are we torn
between two postures, choosing to be kind,
or cold and hard according to the day
and circumstances? I have always held
that our dear souls desire the righteous way,
but how our souls and weathered bodies meld
is up to us. This brings me to my friend:
her duties placed her at the great divide
between what’s done and what we did intend.
Yet even when there was no time to bide,
she waited patiently to find the place
where this unruly world shows its best face.

For Linda Jean was so in love with grace,
and so inspired by its comeliness
that she could find the spirit of a trace
of good intentions in the finest mess.
And Linda Jean was so in love with good,
(She had been promised, “To be good is fun.”)
that even in the dark, she understood:
discerning eyes can always find the Sun.
Now Linda Jean becomes what she adores,
and knows for sure that all our clouds shall pass.
God's grace - God's grace alone - is what endures;
God's goodness is the only thing that lasts.
Linda trusted God, and loved to trust
the grace and goodness in each one of us.

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