Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Look at All the Casual Liars


Look at all the casual liars
sitting on the window sill,
talking about the Will of God
when they don’t know God or Will.

If Will was with me now,
I know he’d laugh right in your face.

If God were with me now,
I ask if Will could take your place
On the window sill.

Look at all the casual liars,
how they’re fighting God’s good fight:
singing songs of love
and stealing everything in sight.

If God showed up right now,
he’d keep His head in all this mess,

but when Will is back in town,
he will come shouting for redress
to the window sill.

Look at all the casual liars
as they take up Will’s old spot,
swearing up and down
that they earned everything they’ve got.

If Will could hear them swear,
he’d make them wish that they were dead.

God would hear their screams,
and wouldn’t even turn His head
to the window sill.

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